Infectious Diseases

A variety of power point presentations on the following:

Infectious Disease

General Information on Infectious Diseases



PATHOGENIC FUNGI – Gross Pictures!


Khan Academy video on Types of Immune Response (Humoral and Cell Mediated)

Khan Academy vid on Bacterial Meningitis


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Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment Objectives Flashcards

Good website with audio of lung sounds.

Assessing the abdomen – From a nursing website, but I found it pretty helpful.

Neurological Assessment – Another nursing site

Prehospital assessment of patients with physical disabilities


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Transporting service dogs – information

Here’s a link to the ADA reference sheet regarding access for service dogs:

Also, here’s an article from last year where a paramedic crew got into some hot water for refusing to take transport a guide dog with a patient.

And lastly, a good article on tips for EMS when transporting service animals.

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Anatomy and Physiology Review

Here’s the Cell Physio powerpoint with the good diagrams: Cell Physiology-1

Khan Academy Biology Videos

49 Fascinating Videos to Learn about the Human Body
Handouts from the stations on Anatomy and Physio review:

Nervous System Control

Receptors and Neurotransmitters

Respiratory Physiology Activity


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Legal and Ethical Issues

Here are outlines of Chapters 3 and 4, Ethical and Legal issues.

Chapter 3 – Professional Ethics

Chapter 4 – Legal Issues


Lecture on Ethical and Legal Issues in treatment of older adults – it’s long, but good


Podcast from EMS Garage on Child Abuse – Really helpful!

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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Videos:

Basic Med Term Video, 12 minutes

Another Basic Vid, 8 mins, good tips for figuring out unknown words

Medical Terminology Song – not too useful, but amusing anyway

Other Med Term Resources:

Medical Terminology Activities

Medical Terminology Flashcards

Got something to add? Post a comment below!


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EMS History, Roles, Wellbeing

History Stuff:

This short article from on EMS in America – The Foundation Documents provides a brief overview of the influential documents in EMS history. has a “virtual museum” with some cool photos and timelines, and a few good videos as well.

PDF Files of various documents:

CA Title 22 Paramedic Scope of Practice, etc.

Accidental Death and Disability: The Neglected Disease of Modern Society – The White Paper

EMS Agenda for the Future

Emergency Medical Services at the Crossroads


35 Min YouTube video on EMS Provider Health and Wellness, Patient and Provider Safety from MedicCast. The guy’s a bit cheesy and ridiculous, but some of the info is relevant.

Random Bits related to our “BLS Refresher” this week:

Using AEIOU TIPS For Altered Mental Status

Reasonably good blog post on Differential Diagnosis

From Christy Corrales – Assessments handout from last year’s academy with some useful info. AEIOU-TIPS and PASTMED are on page 4.

Got your own study links or tips? Post a reply below with a link!

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